How much does food packaging machine cost? Because there are many types of food packaging machines, the cost of different types of machines are also different. The cost of several common types are as follows:

Types of food packing machines

1. Pillow type packing machine: The cost is about 7000-20000USD. This is a very common device, so named because the finished product is shaped like a pillow. It is mostly used for bakery food packing.

  • The transmission system is simple and stable, which can not only realize one-step packaging and sealing, but also effectively improve the packaging efficiency.
  • With positioning and emergency stop functions. In the final sealing and cutting process, not only the accuracy is accurate, but the sealing and cutting knife will not stick to the film during the continuous heat sealing process.
  • The scrap rate is low. The transmission system is equipped with an automatic detection device to prevent empty packaging from entering the sealing and cutting process.
  • The packaging environment is hygienic and reliable. The packaging process does not require manual intervention. The equipment and materials contact materials are made of stainless steel.

2. Multihead weighing packing machine, the cost is about 15000-30000USD. Accurate measurement is its unique advantage, and it is mostly used for snack packaging.

  • High-precision digital weighing sensor enables instant measurement.
  • Multi-language LCD screen operating system, real-time display of the weight of each weighing unit, better monitoring the working status of the equipment.
  • IP65 grade waterproof and dustproof design, easy to clean.
  • It can automatically record the packaging quantity, pass rate, single bag error and other performance indicators of each batch of production.
  • Modular control system, equipment maintenance is convenient, fast and easy to maintain.

3. Filling machine, the price is about 4000-10000USD. It is designed for beverage products.

  • Convenient adjustment, no bottle no filling, accurate filling volume.
  • Use anti-drip and drawing filling partitions, positioning system and material level control system to ensure accurate positioning of the bottle mouth.
  • It has the characteristics of abrasion resistance, high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, and a drip-proof, wire-drawing filling head is selected to ensure zero pollution of the bottle mouth.

Of course, in addition to these types, there are other types of food packaging machines, and their cost are different. If you want to know the specific cost, you can tell us what you want to pack, and then we will send you the price of the corresponding machine.

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