With the continuous improvement of people’s requirements for food safety, food packaging has also played an increasingly important role in the food production process. Many food manufacturers are gradually improving their product packaging.

A customer from Malaysia purchased one of our food packaging machines for packaging vegetables. The customer washes and packs the vegetables every day, and the packaged vegetables are sent to various supermarkets. In order to prevent vegetables from being unable to breathe after packaging, resulting in rotting. We have added the function of punching the packaging film for customers, which can effectively ensure the circulation of air in the packaging bag.


  • Instead of manual high-speed packaging of each food, ensure that 99% of the products delivered to customers are up to standard.
  • Food-grade material, the food contact parts are made of 304 stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable.
  • Servo film-moving traction system with pneumatic transverse seal, beautiful incision and fast speed.
  • The length of vegetables is automatically recognized, no need to be adjusted separately, and the packaging speed is faster.
food packaging machine malaysia

At present, some vegetable distribution centers, vegetable planting bases, agricultural trading companies, and large supermarkets have begun to pay attention to product packaging in order to ensure the freshness of vegetables. By purchasing a packaging machine to add a wrapping film, the vegetables shipped on the same day will keep their freshness throughout the day. Moreover, the appearance of the packaging is cleaner, and the origin, picking date and brand can be printed on the packaging film. Increase consumer trust and increase purchasing power.

The machine purchased by this Malaysia customer is currently in production, if you are interested, you can visit our factory.

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