How choclate wrapping machines work? It depend on which machine you choose. Different packing types with different chocolate wrapping machines and different working principle.

1.Pillow type packing:

The toothed chain continuously variable transmission is driven by the V-belt to rotate, and the speed of the transmission chain is adjusted in the transmission to obtain different operating speeds. Then it is transmitted to the planetary differential mechanism by the timing belt, so that the packaging film conveying length is adjusted and the output shaft of the gearbox drives the packaging film press roller to rotate the conveying film through the chain drive. And in the packaging process by the photoelectric tracking color code to monitor.

The packaging film roll is installed on the roller, and the chocolate is placed in the feeder ( For objects with irregular shapes, manual feeding is required). The conveyor belt automatically transports the chocolate to the packaging position, wraps it in the film, and then presses it into a shape after heating, then sends it to the transverse sealing cutter for heat sealing and transverse sealing, cutting, and then outputting the finished product by the conveyor belt.

2.Chocolate folding packaging

This packing type is used for packing square or rectangular chocolates. This packaging method can use many types of packaging materials, such as aluminum plastic film, opp paper, cigarette paper and so on. It can meet the different packaging requirements of the factory.

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