How do automatic packaging machines work? For different machines they are different, let us list one by one.

How do automatic packaging machines work? Because there are many types of automatic packaging machines, their working principles are also different. Here we introduce the working principles of several widely used automatic packaging machines.

  1. Vertical packaging machine

This type of machine has various models and is widely used in the packaging of granules, powders, liquids and other products. It is mainly composed of metering device, transmission system, horizontal sealing and vertical sealing device, lapel former, filling tube and film pulling and feeding mechanism. Its working principle is that the roll film is placed on the bearing device, and the mark position of the packaging material is tested by the photoelectric detection device controlled by the guide rod group of the tensioning device. The packaging film is formed into a cylindrical shape by a forming machine, heat-sealed by a longitudinal heat-sealing device, and then the bottom is sealed. The material that has passed through the metering device is filled into the packaging bag, and the top is sealed to complete one packaging process.

Automatic horizontal conveying of the product to the inlet of the roll or film by means of a conveying mechanism. At this point, the roll or film is cylindrical, passing through the bag making machine and the packaged product enters the cylindrical packaging film. Then run synchronously to perform the process of heat sealing, air extraction (vacuum packaging) or inflation (expansion packaging) and cutting.

The filling machine is mainly divided into three parts: storage tank, filling host and frequency conversion speed regulation transmission module. The storage tank is located on the top of the equipment. It comes with a liquid level sensor and a constant pressure feed solenoid valve. When the appropriate liquid level is reached, the liquid level sensor will send a signal to stop feeding; when the material surface drops to the designated position, it will automatically open. Input solenoid valve, in the lower part of the storage tank, the discharge port is connected to the suction pipe of the filling host through a pipe. When the main engine is working, the liquid in the liquid storage tank is sucked into the piston cylinder and injected into the bottle through the filling head. According to the production requirements, the number of filling heads is from 2-12.

Because there are many types of automatic packaging machines and there are many differences in their working principles, we do not list all types here. If you are interested in the packaging machine, you can contact us, we will show you more and more detailed content.

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