How does a shrinking machine work? Before you use the machine, it is necessary to understand how it works. The work flow of the machine is mainly divided into the following steps.

  • Wrap the film

The function of the film wrapping part is to press the end of the film under the product while the product is running forward, and the other end wraps around the product for a circle and then returns to the underside of the product to form a wrapping for the product. The film wrapping part is generally completed by a servo motor driven chain driving a certain number of film wrapping rods. The height of the wrapping rod can be adjusted by the mechanical part, and the speed and phase are controlled by the movement of the servo motor.

  • Main drive

The main transmission part is located in the middle of the shrink wrap machine, which is the benchmark for all the movements of the machine. It is mainly completed by a set of push rods driven by a frequency converter. Its function is to send the products that have completed the previous packaging process to the wrapping area.

  • Upper membrane part

The section where the film is unwound from the roll and sent to the wrapping area. A brake device is installed on the film roll to ensure the feeding and tensioning of the film. If the film is not well tensioned, it will affect the cutting of the next process, so it is very important to choose a good braking device.

  • Feeding

Convey the product inside the machine. The products entering the packaging machine come in two forms, namely discrete products and products that have been packaged into small packages. Dispersed products are those without any secondary packaging. The latter is a small package that has been packaged once by the pre-packaging machine, and the machine will re-pack these small packages.

  • Shrinking

The plastic film wrapped in the wrapping area to the package is heated by electric heating, and the plastic film is tightened to the package by the shrinkage property of the film. This part is mainly composed of heating furnace wire and air circulation system. The heating furnace wire raises the temperature of the air to the shrinkage temperature of the film, and the circulation system blows the air heated by the fan to the package and returns to the furnace wire part for the next step of heating .

how does a shrinking machine work

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