Chocolate is mainly packaged in aluminum foil, composite films or paper, and then packaged in batches in mill- and corrugated board cartons. But do you know how is chocolate packed? Here we will show you the pillow type packing process, the main process are:

Sorting– film wrapping– sealing– cutting–cartoning–box wrapping

The whole process is automatically completed by the chocolate packaging line without manual intervention. Reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency, change the traditional packaging methods, and avoid waste.

  1. It can be directly connected to the production line to meet the requirements of large-scale, batch, automated and efficient production and packaging, it can also be used to place chocolate manually to meet small-scale and diversified packing requirements.
  2. According to the characteristics of the product, the design is personalized to avoid extrusion deformation of the material. In the case of material congestion, stacking, and unsuccessful steering, it can be removed to ensure the continuity and stability of the production and packaging.
  3. It adopts multi-stage frequency conversion speed regulation and servo drive control, which can be adjusted and controlled according to the user’s requirements for packaging speed and material characteristics.
  4. With humanized design, installation and disassembly are simple and quick.
  5. The system is equipped with multiple safety protection measures, including leakage protection, emergency stop function, fault shutdown protection, protective cover, etc.

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