Frozen food refers to food with qualified food raw materials that have been properly processed, frozen at a temperature of -30°C, and stored and circulated at a temperature of -18°C or lower after being packaged. 

How is frozen food packed? Because of the particularity of quick-frozen products, the requirements for packaging environment, packaging materials and packaging equipment are very high.

how is frozen food packed

Requirements for frozen food packaging materials:

Due to the use of low-temperature cold chain storage throughout the process, frozen food has the characteristics of long shelf life, non-perishable, and convenient consumption, but it also poses greater challenges and higher requirements for packaging materials. Common frozen food packaging materials are:

  • PET/PE

This structure is relatively common in frozen food packaging, with good moisture-proof, cold-resistant and low-temperature heat-sealing performance, and relatively low cost.


This kind of structure is moisture-proof, cold-resistant and low-temperature heat-sealing with high tensile strength, and the cost is relatively economical.


Due to the existence of the aluminized layer, the surface of this type of structure is exquisitely printed, but the low-temperature heat sealing performance is slightly worse and the cost is higher, so the usage rate is relatively low.


The packaging of this type of structure is resistant to freezing and impact. Due to the existence of the NY layer, its puncture resistance is very good, but the cost is relatively high, and it is generally used for packaging angular or heavier products.

Frozen food packaging equipment requirements:

  1. The equipment can operate normally at low temperature.
  2. Frozen food will not be adsorbed on the inner wall of the hopper.
  3. Waterproof.

As a packaging machine manufacturer, we provide professional frozen food packaging machines to meet customers’ various product packaging requirements.

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