Tea is a kind of drink, very popular in many countries. The tea we buy in the market is usually packed, but how is tea packed?

There are many ways to pack tea, generally vacuum packaging, triangle tea bag packaging, round tea bag packaging, etc. Today we will talk about the packaging process of the triangle tea bag.

triangle tea bag packing process
Tea packing process

Step 1: triangle tea bag packing

This step is completed by a pyramid tea bag packing machine, which is mainly used for packaging granular tea. It is composed of weighing, packaging, counter, main motor protection device, variable motor pressure control, overload protection device, etc. The ultrasonic sealing method can make the sealing effect better and the appearance more beautiful. At the same time, several kinds of tea can be mixed and packaged.

Step 2: cartoning

The whole process is divided into four stages: feeding box, opening, loading, and sealing. The box-feeding action usually involves a sucker sucking out the box from the box’s feeding port, and then sending it to the trunk of the cartoning machine. Use the guide rail to clamp the box, then use the push plate to open the box, push the tea bag into the box, and seal the box.

Step 3: wrapping film

This step is mainly for moisture-proof, water-proof and anti-fouling, and is completed by a tea box cellophane wrapping machine. After the tea bags are put into the box, they are automatically transported to the machine for film wrapping, folding, sealing, and shaping. On the premise of fully displaying the appearance of the product, the freshness of the tea can be better protected.

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