Milk powder is always sold in bags or cans, but how is milk powder packed? Because milk powder is a baby product, its packaging requirements are very strict, and special equipment is required to complete the packaging process. According to different packaging effects, we recommend different equipment to pack milk powder.

According to the packaging needs of milk powder manufacturers, different types of bags can be made. For example, three-side seal, four-side seal, back seal, gusset bag and many other types.


  • Equipped with dual CPU microcomputer control system, LCD screen, user-friendly operation interface, automatic cursor detection and tracking, easier operation. Equipped with high-precision stepper motor to ensure the accuracy of the cutting position of each bag.
  • Adopting the oblique screw advancing and unloading method, the packaging weight can be directly adjusted during the packaging process, and the adjustment process does not need to stop, which effectively improves the work efficiency.
  • A vacuum cleaner can be added to make the packaging environment more clean and hygienic.

This packaging method uses tin as the packaging container. The packaging is done by the filling machine. It is mainly composed of filling components, transparent open-door material boxes, electric control parts, etc. It can automatically complete the bottle positioning, measurement and filling work.


  • The machine is made of stainless steel, anti-corrosion; PLC touch screen man-machine interface, English display, easy to operate. In line with the national “QS” “GMP” certification requirements. The filling is driven by servo motor, and the stirring adopts maintenance-free deceleration motor, which has stable performance and high filling accuracy.
  • Fully sealed, stainless steel and plexiglass feed box combination, easy to remove and wash. The screw is used to feed and position the tank, and the positioning is accurate and stable. Packaging parameters can be stored for easy next use.
  • For the packaging of materials with large dust, a vacuum system can be added to clean the workshop environment.

In addition to these two common packaging methods, there are other packaging methods, such as stick pack, bottles, etc. All can be packed with our machines. Tell us how you want to pack and we will recommend the right machine for you.

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