French fries is a very popular snack, especially for children. We always see all kinds of packaging in supermarkets, but how do you package french fries?

First of all, you need a professional packaging machine, so how to choose a suitable packaging machine? It can be considered from the following points:

  1. Capacity. According to your production output, decide whether you need a small scale packaging machine or a large scale packaging machine.
  2. Packaging material. Do you want to pack frozen french fries or regular french fries?
  3. Finished product size. Determine how many grams you want to pack per bag, or a range of packaging.
  4. Try to choose a machine with simple operation and maintenance, complete accessories, and a continuous automatic feeding system, which can improve packaging efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Since there are many types of french fries packaging machine, here we introduce one of them—multi-head weigher french fries packaging machine, its main workflow is as follows:

How do you pack french fries
  1. The hoist feeds the material through the feeding pan to concentrate the french fries on the main vibrating pan, and then through the vibration of the main vibrating pan, the material is evenly distributed on the main vibrating pan to the linear vibrating pan.
  2. When there is no French fries in the feeding tray or not enough to be detected by the material level photodetector, a signal is sent to the main board, and then a feeding signal is sent to the hoist through the main board to feed.
  3. The linear vibration machine vibrates, and the french fries are sent to each buffer hopper through the amplitude and the linear vibration feeding time.
  4. The stepping motor works, open the buffer hopper, and send the french fries in the hopper to the weighing hopper. When the weighing hopper participates in the combination or when there is not enough french fries in the weighing hopper, the french fries in the buffer hopper will be It automatically flows into the weighing bucket.
  5. In the weighing bucket, the french fries generate weight signals through sensors, which are processed by AD modules to become digital signals and transmitted to the main board of the intelligent control device through the data bus.
  6. The CPU on the main board reads and records the weight of each weighing hopper, and then selects the combination weighing hopper closest to the target weight through calculation, analysis, combination, and screening, and sends out a discharge signal.
  7. When the CPU receives the unloading signal from the packaging machine, the CPU sends a command to start the driver to drive the stepper motor, open the selected weighing hopper, and unload the french fries into the chute into the collecting hopper.
  8. After the weighing hopper is discharged, the buffer hopper will replenish, weigh and combine the weighing hopper in time to prepare for the next discharge.

If you want to get more details about how to pack french fries, please contact [email protected] we will send you some videos.

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