How is dry milk packaged? Due to its very high requirements on hygienic conditions, automatic packaging equipment is usually used to complete the packaging of dry milk.

How is dry milk packaged?

set the appropriate temperature according to the packaging film→set packaging machine parameters (bag size and packaging weight)→manual feeding or automatic feeding of production equipment to storage hopper→vibration feeding→feeding screw for material transfer→screw metering→print date and lot number→feeding film→bag making→exhaust→sealing→cutting→finished

how do you package milk powder

The benefits of using a machine to pack dry milk:

  • It can reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions. Manual packaging is labor-intensive, labor-intensive, and unsafe. Moreover, it is very inapplicable to products such as dry milk that require high hygienic conditions.
  • Can reliably ensure the hygiene of dry milk. Manual packaging will contaminate the product, and mechanical packaging avoids contact between people and dry milk and ensures the hygienic quality of dry milk.
  • Can promote the development of related industries. Milk powder packaging machine is a comprehensive science, which involves materials, technology, equipment, electronics, electrical appliances, automatic control and other disciplines, requiring the simultaneous and coordinated development of all related disciplines.

Features of milk powder packaging machine:

  1. The machine integrates bag making, metering filling, sealing, coding, punching and other functions. The packaging efficiency is high, the bag shape is beautiful, and the sealing is smooth.
  2. The styles of packaging bags are diversified: back sealing bags, three-side sealing, gusset bags, etc. can be realized.
  3. Packaging film materials are widely used, and films of various materials such as composite film, aluminum film, PE film can be used, and different measurement methods can be configured to package different types of materials.
  4. A fully automatic packaging line can be formed on demand to realize mechanized and unmanned production.

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