Flour is a powdered product, very easy to drift into the air. That’s why we usually pack and sell flour. But how to package flour for sale? According to different packaging specifications and packaging types, packaging methods are also different.

  1. For 1-2kg package

This packaging specification also has two forms, one is plastic bag, the other is paper bag packaging. Two different devices are required to complete.

  • Plastic bag packaging:

This packaging process is completed by a vertical flour packaging machine. Automatically complete a series of actions such as bag making, metering, filling, sealing, and cutting, easy-to-tear incision, and finished product output. Using intelligent photoelectric tracking, the trademark pattern positioning is accurate. Accurate measurement, high efficiency, convenient operation, stable packaging quality, flat and beautiful appearance.

  • Paper bag packaging:

Using a professional horizontal bag feeding method, the bag storage device can store more packaging bags; the suction bag and the bag feeding are stable and reliable, the bag loading rate is high, and the packing material loss is low; the packaging bag pattern is perfect and the sealing is firm, thereby improving the product grade.

2. For 10-25kg package

Because of the high weight of each bag, we would recommend a combination of semi-automatic powder filling machine and sewing machine.

  1. Automatic weighing, manual bagging, automatic filling, and transport to the sewing machine to automatically complete the sewing process.
  2. Made of stainless steel to ensure food hygiene and safety.
  3. Suitable for small-volume packaging with low cost.

Of course, there are other packaging methods. If you want to change the packaging method and improve the packaging efficiency, you can contact us. And for more details about how to package flour, we will send to you after get your message.

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