How to fill stand up pouches? In the past, people would fill stand up pouches by hand, but with the continuous updating of automated equipment, machines gradually replaced labor. Now there are specialized equipment to fill the stand up pouches.

This kind of equipment is called a premade pouch packing machine. Its workflow is:

Step 1: the pouch feeding process

Using the method of taking the bag from top to bottom, the pouches is sent to the machine clip, and the machine will automatically take the pouch for packaging. When there is no pouch, the equipment will sound an alarm, which greatly improves work efficiency and reduces labor.

Step 2: Imprinting process

The machine will carry out the normal coding process of the pouch through the ribbon inspection. If the ribbon is used up, the device will sound an alarm to remind you.

Step 3: Filling process

After the machine goes through the above two processes, it opens the pouch and fills in the material. In this process, the machine will first detect whether the pouch is opened. If the pouch is not opened, the material will not fill.

Step 4: Heat sealing process

After the material is filled, it will enter the heat sealing process, that is, the machine will seal the pouch filled with the material at the set temperature. The heat-sealed packaged product is then cooled to ensure the aesthetics of the seal.

stand up pouch packing

The above four processes are the most critical steps in the packaging work of the machine, and the integrity of the product packaging process cannot be guaranteed without any one step. Of course, we will choose 6 processes, 8 processes, etc. according to the characteristics of your packaging materials and the type of pouches.

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