When you buy a bottle of cologne, it is always packed in a box and then wrapped in cellophane, but why do this?

The transparency of cellophane allows customers to see the product clearly, it also has the properties of moisture-proof, impermeable, air-tight, heat-sealable, etc. It has a good protective effect on the product, and it is free of static electricity, dustproof, and has good heat sealability.

How to Wrap a Cologne Box?

Most cologne manufacturers, in order to ensure the beauty of their packaging, will choose professional box wrapping machine to complete packaging, so as to achieve the consistency and aesthetics of the packaging, attract more customers. So how does the machine complete the box wrapping?

When the product is manually put into the feeding inlet, the back pusher is wrapped with the film at the film cutting machine and then pushed into the corresponding cavity of the rotating tower. When the rotating tower rotates 90°, the folding film swing arm in the pre-sealed part moves to fold the wrapping film on one side from the outside to the inside. Then the pre-sealed swing arm folds the wrap film on the other side from the outside to the inside and pre-seals it. After the pre-sealing is completed, the folded swing arm and the pre-sealed swing arm are retracted separately. When the turret rotates another 45°, the long-seal component will long-seal the box and then return it. When the turret rotates another 45°, the pusher of the discharging propeller pushes the box out of the turret mold cavity and enters the side seal part. The box is sequentially folded on both sides, top-folded, bottom-folded, front and rear side sealed, and then enters the shaping part under the push of the packing box at the back, and the packaging is completed after shaping.

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