There are many cigarette brands on the market, and each brand uses a different packaging design to attract customers, but no matter which brand, its last step is to wrap the cigarette box with cellophane film.

Why use cellophane wrapping cigarette box?

  1. Waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof, it has a good protective effect on cigarettes
  2. Maintain the freshness of cigarettes
  3. Extend shelf life

How do you wrap a cigarette box?

There are generally two ways to wrap a cigarette box, one is manual wrap and the other is automatic wrap.

Method 1: For some factories with small output, a desktop cellophane wrap machine is usually used, and then manually packaged. However, this method consumes a lot of labor and the labor cost is relatively high.

Method 2: For some large cigarette manufacturers, automatic cellophane wrap machines are usually used in conjunction with production equipment. Improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs. Many cigarette manufacturers choose this model.

The model uses well-known brand electrical components, stable and reliable operation, fast speed, firm sealing, compactness, and good sealing and waterproof performance. It can automatically wrap a single or multiple cigarette boxes, automatically feeding the boxes, folding, heat seal, and automatically paste anti-counterfeiting tear tape.

Which method is better? Manual or automatic?

There is no absolute pros or cons, each method has its own advantages:

  1. From the price point of view, the manual model is cheaper than the automatic model. If you have a small budget, you can choose this manual model.
  2. In the long term, automatic is more advantageous. With the gradual expansion of business, manual ones will not meet your needs, you need to replace manual ones with automatic ones to meet mass production.

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