There are many types of meat, and there are many methods of meat packaging. However, the common packaging methods include vacuum packaging and modified atmosphere packaging. Let us introduce these two packaging methods in detail below:

Vacuum Packing

1. Vacuum packaging refers to a packaging method in which the product is placed in an airtight packaging container, and the air inside the container is evacuated, so that the sealed container reaches a predetermined degree of vacuum. Vacuum packaging inhibits the growth of many spoilage microorganisms and slows down the oxidation of fat in the meat by maintaining an oxygen-deficient environment in the packaging bag. At the same time, it can reduce water loss and keep the appearance tidy, thereby extending the shelf life of the meat.

2. Advantages of vacuum packaging:

The main advantages of vacuum packaging are good protection, reliable sealing, high vacuum, and less residual air, which can effectively inhibit the reproduction of bacteria and other microorganisms, and avoid oxidation, mildew and corruption of the contents. For red meat, vacuum packaging has the following advantages:

  • Prevent drying out: The packaging material shields the water vapor to prevent drying and keep the surface of the meat soft.
  • Prevent oxidation: When vacuuming, oxygen and air are eliminated together, and the packaging material is shielded from the atmosphere, so that no oxygen enters the packaging bag and oxidation is completely prevented.
  • Prevent the loss of meat flavor: Packaging materials can effectively block the overflow of volatile aromatic substances, and at the same time prevent the transmission of flavors between different products.
  • Avoid loss during freezing: The packaging material insulates the product from the outside world, so ice formation and air-drying during freezing can reduce the loss to a minimum.

Modified Atmosphere Preservation

1. Principle of modified atmosphere preservation

The fresh-keeping principle of modified atmosphere packaging is to use packaging materials with good barrier properties to protect the meat, and to fill the packaging with a certain ideal gas component. Under certain temperature conditions, it can improve the environmental components in the package, inhibit the growth of microorganisms and prevent the spoilage caused by enzymes, so as to achieve the purpose of preservation and anticorrosion, thereby extending the shelf life of the product. 

2. Advantages of modified atmosphere preservation

  • The modified atmosphere packaging system is a closed system in which two processes exist at the same time: The first is the physiological serialization process of the product, that is, the respiration process of metabolism; the second is the process of exchange between the product and the gas in the packaging bag caused by the ventilation of the packaging material. These two processes make the air conditioning system a dynamic system.
  • Modified atmosphere packaging technology can make up for the deficiencies of vacuum packaging to a certain extent, and further inhibit the corruption of microorganisms.

No matter which method you choose, the purpose is to extend the shelf life of the meat. Of course, different packaging methods need different meat packing machines to achieve, if you need, please contact us. (Phone: 0086-15515573212)

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