What type of packaging is used for milk powder? There are two common types on the market, bagged and canned. Although they belong to different packaging methods, the list of ingredients and nutritional ingredients are basically the same.

milk powder packaging types

But what is the difference between them?

  1. Differences in packaging materials
  • The packaging materials of canned milk powder mainly use metal cans or environmentally friendly paper. Among them, metal cans have good airtightness and long shelf life, and iron cans are the packaging used for milk powder earlier in the world and have high sealing and barrier properties. It has advantages and guarantees for the preservation of milk powder and the maintenance of nutrition.
  • Bagged milk powder is generally packaged with plastic packaging materials, which is not as tight as canned milk powder and is more susceptible to light pollution.

2. The shelf life is different

Through observation, it can be found that the shelf life of the two packaging type is different. The shelf life of canned milk powder is 2 to 3 years, while bagged milk powder is generally 18 months. This is because the canned milk powder has better sealing properties, which is conducive to the preservation of the milk powder and is not easy to spoil.

3. Price difference

Under normal circumstances, the price of bagged milk powder will be lower than the price of canned milk powder, because the production and transportation costs of canned milk powder are relatively high.

Which packaging type is better?

  • For milk powder manufacturers, the most important thing is customer preferences and market demand. The following aspects can be used to consider which packaging method to use.
  • Market survey. It can be considered by collecting market sales information or questionnaire surveys.
  • Storage time. If you want to have a longer storage time, then choose canned.
  • Packaging cost. Generally, the packaging cost of cans is higher than that of bags. If you have a limited budget, you can choose to pack it in bags.

After determining the packaging method, special milk powder packing equipment is needed to complete the packaging process. We know that milk powder, as a product for infants and young children, has very high quality and hygiene requirements. Therefore, the packaging environment must be clean, hygienic and dust-free. The equipment should be made of stainless steel to better ensure product safety.

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