The application of oil filling machine is more and more extensive, it can fill all liquid and paste materials. In order to enable it to provide you with long-term service, here we will show you part of the oil filling machine manual, so that it can create more value for you.

oil filling machine manual
  1. Before starting the machine, check whether the liquid level, power supply, and air pressure are normal; and whether the solenoid valves and cylinders are in good condition.
  2. Check whether the machine is running normally, whether the rotation of each pump is correct, and whether the air is exhausted. If an abnormal situation is found, the production shall be carried out after troubleshooting.
  3. The machine works automatically, but the operator must closely observe the status of each part.
  4. If the machine breaks down while working, stop working immediately to prevent accidents.

In addition to correct operation can extend its service life, regular maintenance is also necessary.

  1. Maintenance of sealing ring. If the sealing ring is damaged or other problems, it should be replaced with a new one in time to prevent dripping. The surface of the machine should be cleaned before shifting, and lubricating oil should be added to all moving parts.
  2. Filling container. Ensure hygiene in the workshop. For the cylinder, the adjustment has been done before leaving the factory, so try not to disassemble the equipment, which is easy to cause damage to the original cylinder.
  3. When adjusting the machine, the tools should be used properly, and it is strictly forbidden to use inappropriate tools to disassemble parts. Whenever the machine is adjusted, make sure that the screws are tightened.
  4. The machine is made of stainless steel, when you clean the equipment, you should choose a soft tool to wipe, do not damage the surface to prevent rust.

Here is just a part of the oil filling machine manual. The detailed operation manual will be sent with the machine when shipping.

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