Packaging machine is a very important tool for many snack manufacturers, but once it fails, it will affect production efficiency. And right maintenance can lengthen your packaging machine service life and maximizing profits.

packaging machine maintenance checklist

Here we will show you some parts of packaging machine maintenance checklist, make your packaging machine serve you better and more efficiently.

1.Preventive maintenance

After installing the packaging machine, a preventive maintenance plan needs to be developed and followed. For example, lubricating the machine, checking and replacing worn components can prevent problems from occurring. The main maintenance objects include:

  • Change lubricant
  • Regularly test and record various machine data
  • Tighten fasteners regularly

2. Spare parts

Your packaging machine supplier should provide you with a spare parts list, which should be divided into different parts categories according to wear and tear. For example, high wear, medium wear and low wear parts. In this way, you can make inventory in advance, and once the parts are worn out, they can be replaced immediately without delaying production.

3. Upgrade

Regularly communicate with the packaging machine manufacturer to understand the status of equipment upgrades. Make an upgrade plan and invite manufacturers to the factory to upgrade and debug the machine when necessary, so that the machine can better assist in production.

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