Cookie packaging machine is a very useful tool for cookies packaging business. The mechanical principle is complicated, but the working principle is simple. Here we will introduce you to the working principle of the machine.

The packaging film roll is installed on the shaft roller, and the cookies are placed in the feeder(for materials with irregular shapes, manual feeding is required). The conveyor belt automatically transports the cookies to the packaging position, packaged in a film, and then is heated and pressed into a shape, then sent to the horizontal sealing cutter for heat sealing and horizontal sealing, and then the finished product is output by the conveyor belt.

Principle of operation:

The machine adopts frequency conversion stepless speed regulation motor operation, the toothed chain continuously variable transmission is driven by the V-belt to rotate, and the transmission speed is adjusted by the variable speed chain to obtain different operating speeds. Then it is transmitted from the timing belt to the planetary differential motor structure, so that the packaging film transport length is adjusted, and the output shaft of the gearbox is driven by the chain drive to drive the paper film press roller to rotate and transport the packaging film. The output length of the packaging film can be set manually on the gear chain governor. And in the packaging process by the photoelectric tracking color code to monitor.


  1. Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, microcomputer controller (WDK) control system, PlD digital display intelligent temperature controller, photoelectric detection two-way tracking system. Small screen display system and circuit protection system to achieve stepless speed change, automatic tracking of the cut point, accurate temperature control, high packaging accuracy, and intuitive display.
  2. Moderate size, compact structure, high packaging speed, stable operation and convenient operation, etc. The finished packaging has a beautiful appearance, and the horizontal and vertical sealing lines are neat and clear.

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