With the continuous expansion and upgrading of the pet consumption market and the rapid growth of pet consumption investment, pet food manufacturers and distributors are also constantly improving the quality of pet food and introducing better varieties to meet market demand. In order to ensure the interests of consumers, there are corresponding policies for pet food packaging requirements.

pet food packaging requirements
  1. The name and address of the manufacturer must be on the packaging of the pet food produced and sold.
  2. The description of raw materials should be standardized. The composition of raw materials includes raw materials and additives, with “composition of raw materials” and “composition of additives” as introductory words respectively.
  3. The complete year, month, and date of production information should be marked on the pet food package.
  4. The names of ingredients, functions and properties must be supported by publicly published publications, textbooks, formula components, testing data or experimental reports.
  5. If “pure natural” and “natural food” are to be marked on the package, the manufacturer needs to compare the production process of all raw materials and additives in the product with the specified requirements; only those that meet the relevant requirements can be called “pure natural” and “natural food”. grain”.

With the continuous expansion of the pet consumption market, the pet food industry has also developed, but the market is also flooded with various non-compliant product packaging. The pet food packaging equipment produced by our company can help customers achieve the uniformity of packaging, and can realize printing date and production batch number. Automatic bag making, filling, sealing, can be used for different packaging materials.

If you encounter any problems during the pet food packaging process, you can contact us.

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