What is the potato chips packaging process? Most of us go through our lives eating potato chips without ever stopping to think about how they come in the bag.

potato chips packaging process
potato chips packing machine

Here we will show you the potato chips packaging process:
The main tool in the potato chip packaging process is the potato chips packing machine. Its working flow is as follows:

Turn on the power and set the temperature to constant temperature—Set packaging machine parameters (bag size and packaging weight)—Manual feeding to the storage hopper vibrating and discharging to the lifting conveyor hopper—The hoist starts to transport materials—Electronic combination weighing—Print production date—Bag making—filling chips—filling gas—sealing—cutting—finished

For the machine, the packaging process is complicated, but for the staff, its operation method is simple, one person can monitor the entire packaging process. Because the machine has the following characteristics:

Fast combination speed: Calculate the weight through the computer, and instantly select the best combination in the combination.
High-precision numbers: Adopt high-precision digital weighing sensor for accurate measurement.
The operation is more convenient: Multi-language interface, easy to switch, sensitive touch color LCD screen.
Multithreaded interface: While running, you can also modify parameters and view statistics.
Weighing level control: A load cell is used to control the hoist switch signal.
Linear vibration force can be adjusted separately, the weight of each hopper is displayed during operation.

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