Powder filling machine is the most widely used packaging equipment at present. A customer from the UK ordered a powder filling machine to fill glucose powder. This UK customer asked us for multiple sets of screws so that he could fill in different volumes.

powder filling machine uk

The machine ordered by the UK customer is a type of auger filling machine. So what parts does the auger filling machine consist of?

The auger filler machine parts contain:

  • Feeding device (including feeding port, conveying pipe)
  • Filling part (including PLC control, hopper, visual window, filling head, etc.)
  • Conveyor part (conveyor belt)

How does it work?

The main working principle of this machine is to use a stepper motor to control the screw powder to feed the drive coil, precisely control the required raw powder, and put it into the bottle.


  • Made of stainless steel, meeting GMP/food hygiene and other certification requirements, durable, large-capacity barrels.
  • User-friendly control panel, easy to operate, parameters can be stored for future use.
  • High positioning accuracy, large torque, long life, and adjustable speed.
  • Adjustable at any time, the working state can be switched at any time, and the operation is convenient.
  • The stirring adopts maintenance-free geared motor, which has low noise, long service life and lifetime maintenance-free.
  • Fully sealed air damping glass, stainless steel combined material box, dust does not leak.
  • The feeding method is screw feeding, and the auger accessories can be replaced, which can realize filling of various specifications.

The UK customer said he would like to use the machine to fill other products in the future. This is no problem, the machine can realize the filling of different kinds of powder products.

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