There are many types of tea bags, including round, square, and pyramid. Why are pyramid shaped ta bags better?

Pyramid shaped tea bags advantages:

The brewing of tea, from tea leaves to tea soup, can be regarded as the last link of the work “tea”. To brew well, it is necessary to control the four factors of tea-to-water ratio, water temperature, soaking time, and flushing force. For the same tea, it is not easy to drink the ideal tea soup, but the advantage of the pyramid shaped tea bag is to simplify brewing and control the standardization of the process from tea leaves to tea soup.

Pyramid Shaped Tea Bags

Therefore, it is necessary to simplify the process of making tea, turn variables into quantitative quantities, and fix the tea-water ratio, water temperature, and soaking time for a tea. As long as you follow the brewing instructions, anyone can brew the same delicious tea soup. The advantage of the pyramid shaped tea bag lies in this:

  1. The ratio of water and tea leaves: before putting the tea into the pyramid shaped tea bag, the taste of the ratio has been repeatedly tested, so brewing the tea according to the recommended amount of water can restore the taste.
  2. Control the brewing time: Black tea is not easy to brew for a long time. In the absence of a tea set, the pyramid shaped tea bag solves the problem of filtering out the tea leaves.
  3. The taste and color can be released as soon as possible: the aroma is released quickly, and there is no need for the process of waking up Chinese tea. At the same time, the fragmented shape can ensure that the concentration of drinking is always consistent.

Why are pyramid shaped tea bags better?

There is a saying: the tea bag made into a three-dimensional triangle is to allow the tea leaves to fully stretch in the three-dimensional space, fully expressing the taste and aroma.

Two tea bags with the same volume, the three-dimensional tea bag has a larger surface area to embrace hot water. The surface area of the traditional tea bag in contact with water is about 1/2 of the total area, and the surface area of the pyramid shaped tea bag in contact with water is 3/4 of the total area.

The tea release efficiency increases with the area of the tea bag in contact with water. The part of the traditional tea bag that cannot touch the hot water leads to idle tea leaves, but the pyramid shaped tea bag has no such concerns.

In addition, the brewing methods of various teas are different, and some teas cannot be brewed for a long time. But this is a matter of time. From the perspective of tea bags, pyramid shaped tea bags are better than traditional bags. First, sort out the tea leaves. Second, the tea leaves can be stretched better.

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