How do you quickly fill cosmetic jars? This automatic cosmetic filling machine can help you achieve your goals. And we can configure 2-12 different types of machines according to your requirements for filling speed. Meet the different speed requirements of different customers.

how do you quickly fill jars

Because the customer’s filling requirements are changeable, the filling equipment is also constantly innovating. Therefore, only by continuously improving the strength of filling equipment can companies not be eliminated by the market. The characteristics of the machines produced by our company are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

  • Electrical and pneumatic components are well-known brands, with stable performance, low failure rate and long service life.
  • The machine and material contact parts are made of stainless steel, which is simple to disassemble and clean and meets food hygiene requirements.
  • It is simple to adjust the filling volume and filling speed, no bottle no filling function, automatic liquid level control feeding, beautiful.
  • No need to replace parts, just quickly adjust and replace bottles of different shapes and specifications, which has strong applicability.
  • The machine is easy to adjust, no bottle, no filling, accurate filling and counting function.

In addition, the machine has the performance of anti-wear, high temperature and corrosion resistance. And a drip-proof and wire-drawing filling head is selected to ensure accurate positioning of the bottle mouth and zero pollution. Only by ensuring zero pollution in the operation process, can we make customers feel more at ease in use, which is our aim.

Of course, if you are a new business and want to start with a small output, we can also recommend a semi-automatic model for you. If you have any demand, you can consult our customer service staff.

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