How is washing powder packed? In order to reduce the loss of washing powder during the packaging process, manufacturers usually use special powder packaging equipment to complete the packaging process of washing powder.

For different packaging equipment, the packaging process of washing powder will also be different. Here we introduce one of them – vertical packaging machine. How to pack washing powder by this machine?

The operator pours the washing powder that needs to be packaged into the stainless steel hopper of the screw feeder. The hopper transports the washing powder to the screw metering machine through the motor to rotate the screw for weighing. Then the packaging process is completed through bag making, filling, sealing, and finished product output.

how is washing powder packed

The machine mainly has the following components:

  1. Stainless steel side-by-side material box: Fully sealed plexiglass stainless steel side-by-side material box, no dust leakage, ensuring high precision nitrogen flushing, and the filling outlet is equipped with a dust suction device.
  2. Chinese and English bilingual touch screen control: The human-machine interface controls the parameters of the whole machine and adjusts the operation of the machine parts through the intelligent system.
  3. Spiral meter: Rotating screw feeding, independent mixing system.
  4. Electronic control components: electronic control module, all controls are programmed by software operation, which is reliable and easy to maintain.
  5. End sealing and cutting area: Rotate and rotate the constant temperature heat sealing cutter to seal the front and rear ends of the packaged product. The optional gusseting device makes the bag shape more beautiful and avoids curling at the sealing position.
  6. Custom metal bag maker: The roll film is folded through the metal panels on both sides to form the shape of the bag.

The machine integrates the functions of automatic bag making, weighing, filling, sealing, printing, punching, easy tearing and counting. The advanced design makes the adjustment, operation and maintenance of the machine very convenient when used in the washing powder industry. It can be used in conjunction with various automatic metering equipment at home and abroad.

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