The UAE customer ordered a shrink wrapping machine for their juice production. The machine has now been shipped to the UAE and will be operational soon.

shrink wrapping machine uae

This is a very versatile device for shrink-wrapping bottles of different sizes. And it is possible to pack different numbers of bottles in one group.

Ø Suitable for beer, beverage, juice, milk, food, medicine and other industries.

Ø The packaging is cans, glass bottles, PET bottles, etc.

Features: Novel and optimized design, PLC automatic control, man-machine interface, accurate tracking, no bottle shortage, bottle pouring, flexible adjustment. Adjustable hot air circulation structure, suitable for all kinds of heat-shrinkable films, quick and easy to change the bottle type. Fault warning, reliable operation, precision workmanship, durable, and remarkable energy-saving effect.

The machine can adapt to no bottom tray, half tray, or carton. Whether it is square, round, flat or special, it can be perfectly packed, with good effect and low packing cost. High-quality electrical components ensure reliable operation. This provides a solid guarantee for constant quality, stable and reliable, and long-term continuous production.

In order to make the machine better serve customers, pay attention to the following issues when using it:

  • When the user needs to use a 380V power supply, the diameter of the power cord needs to be greater than 6mm.
  • The temperature of the shrinking tunnel is generally controlled below 230°C, and the speed of the conveyor belt is controlled below 5 gears.
  • The bottom of the shrink wrapping machine needs to maintain good ventilation and heat dissipation conditions to prevent overheating of electrical components.
  • After using it for more than 6 months, check the aging of the shrinking indoor wire and replace it according to the situation.

We are currently helping UAE customers to debug their machines and look forward to their feedback after using the machine.

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