The soap packaging machine cost depends on which type of packaging machine you choose.

types of soap packaging
  1. For soap shrink wrap machine, the cost is about 4000USD-6000USD

The machine uses heat-shrinkable film to change the irregular arrangement of atoms drastically when heated at high temperature. Under the irradiation of infrared radiation, the plastic molecules move again and the arrangement changes, so that the area of the product is greatly reduced by the rearrangement of atoms by heating. In this way, the soap can be more closely attached, and a thermal film can be quickly wrapped around the soap.

2. For soap cellophane wrapping machine, the cost is about 8000USD-13000USD

Working process: The packaging film is cut into a length that meets the packaging requirements by a cutter, the small packaging box is conveyed by a conveyor, the cylinder pushes the stacking (according to the required form and quantity), and the film is wrapped and folded to form a medium-sized package. Because the machine does not heat the soap as a whole like a heat shrink packaging machine, but uses local point and instant low temperature sealing, which will not cause temperature changes in the soap, so it is called a cold pack machine. An alternative to heat shrink wrapping machines.

3. For soap pillow bag packaging machine, the cost is about 7000USD-10000USD

Working process: The packaging roll film enters the former through the packaging film driving roller and is formed. After the soap is fed into the former by the feeding conveyor, it is longitudinally sealed and transversely sealed and cut, and then it is output by the discharge and output machine. Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, microcomputer controller (WDK) control system, PlD digital display intelligent temperature controller, photoelectric detection two-way tracking system. Small screen display system and circuit protection system to achieve stepless speed change, automatic tracking of cut points, accurate temperature control, high packaging precision, and safety guarantee.

There are many packaging methods for soap, and the specific choice should be selected according to the actual packaging requirements. We will send you a detailed quotation based on the machine you choose.

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