What is the tea bag packing machine price in Bangladesh? It depends on the type of machine you choose and the port of shipment. Common types of tea packaging machines include triangle tea bag packaging machine, inner and outer bag tea packaging machine, round tea bag packaging machine, etc.

types of tea bag

The main difference between these packaging machines is the shape of the raw material and the style of the finished product. For example, the finished bag of the triangle tea packaging machine is pyramid-shaped, which is suitable for packaging tea with large particles such as scented tea. The finished bag of the round tea bag packaging machine is round, which is suitable for packaging small particle tea and powder tea. The inner and outer bag tea packaging machine has two layers of bags, the inner layer is a filter paper bag, and the outer layer is a composite film, which is mainly suitable for the packaging of small particles and powder tea.

Another factor that affects the tea bag packing machine price in Bangladesh is the shipping port. The main ports in Bangladesh are:

  • Port Of Chittagong
  • Port Of Mongla
  • Port Of Payra
  • Port Of Dhaka
  • Port Of Pangaon
  • Port Of Barisal
  • Port Of Narayanganj
  • Port Of Ashuganj
  • Aricha Ghat

Shipping costs to different ports are different, which will affect the overall price of the tea packaging machine. Of course, we only help you find a cooperative transportation company, not for profit. The price of our machines is also very reasonable, which not only helps customers improve packaging efficiency, but also saves packaging costs.

If you have any packaging tea needs, you can contact us. (Email: info@cankeytech.com )

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