Tea is usually packaged for sale, but how is tea packaged? It is usually done with professional equipment. Thereby ensuring the hygiene of tea. Satisfy sales criteria.

Tea packaging requirements:

  1. 1. It has a good function of protecting tea leaves; that is, it can completely maintain the shape, color, smell and taste of tea juice within a certain shelf life, and protect tea leaves from damage, moisture and deterioration.
  2. It has good convenience functions; it is easy to move and transport, easy to keep in the warehouse, easy to count and check, easy to carry and drink for customers, and suitable for exhibitions and sales.
  3. There is information transmission: tea packaging needs to include tea name, quality grade, product standard number, net content, factory name and address, production date and shelf life, batch number, registered trademark, barcode, etc.
  4. Moisture-proof: When packing, materials with good moisture-proof performance can be selected for moisture-proof packaging.
  5. Shading: light can promote the oxidation of chlorophyll and chlorophyll and other substances in tea, and increase the odorous substances in tea such as valeraldehyde and propionaldehyde. Therefore, when wrapping tea, shading must be done to prevent chlorophyll from drying out. In addition, external light is also an important factor that can cause tea deterioration. To solve this kind of problem, you can use your optical packaging technology.
  6. Air-blocking: The aroma of tea leaves is easily lost, and it is easily affected by external odors. Therefore, when packaging tea leaves, it is necessary to avoid escaping aroma from the package and absorbing odors from the outside world. Tea packaging materials must have the properties of barrier gas.

Tea packaging process:

The tea packaging process is the working process of the tea packaging machine. That is, feeding–weighing–bag making–filling–sealing–output–testing

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