Tea bag is loved by the general public because of its convenience. Many tea manufacturers have also seen this business opportunity and have begun to switch from selling tea in bulk to selling tea in bags. A customer in the Philippines also bought our tea bag packing machine to develop a new field. He chose the packaging method of triangle tea bags.

Triangle tea bag

Why choose this packing method?

  • Since the woven gap of the triangular tea bag is larger than that of the traditional tea bag, it can make the hot water contact the tea more completely and get sufficient infusion.
  • Loose leaf tea or other raw materials (such as flower tea) are cut thicker, which greatly improves the quality of brewing. Therefore, it needs a longer brewing time than traditional tea bags to thoroughly feel the flavor of tea. Every tea bag can be used repeatedly three times.
  • Food-grade nylon material is used for packaging, with large space, suitable for the expansion of flowers and fruits during brewing, and is conducive to the distribution of fragrance.
  • After the hot water is injected, the tea leaves can be stretched out in the fastest time and retain the original flavor of the tea leaves without damaging the tea bags.
  • The transparent packaging material allows consumers to see the tea clearly and use it with confidence.

Which machine is suitable to complete the packing process?

Because the packaging method of the triangle tea bag is very special, it will be completed by a professional tea packaging machine.

  1. Compact size. Conventional film widths are 120mm, 140mm, 160mm, and the mechanism is more complicated. The ultrasonic sealing and cutting method makes it possible to produce tea bags with outstanding extractability and beautiful appearance. The display and adjustment devices are all standard components that use a touch screen to display numbers and can be set arbitrarily.
  2. The response speed is fast. This is a high-speed requirement, the film is pulled by a servo motor, and the packaging capacity is up to 3000 bags/hour.
  3. High reliability. The load rate of the packaging machine is generally very high, and it can be under high-speed operation for a long time.
  4. High measurement accuracy. The measurement accuracy affects the reputation of the product and the packaging cost.

The machine will be sent to the Philippines in two weeks. If you are also interested, you can contact us for more information. (Email: [email protected] )

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