Filling is the final step in tomato processing steps and a very important one. This step is very demanding on the filling environment. It determines whether the final product is qualified. In order to improve the qualified rate of products, more and more tomato processing plants have begun to use automatic tomato sauce filling machines instead of labor. So how to choose the right filling machine for your factory?

tomato processing steps
  1. Clear purpose. Every consumer purchases a filling machine for a purpose. However, some customers want a machine that can fill all kind of sauce when purchasing. Although filling machines are very versatile, it is difficult to fill all products with one machine. After all, the characteristics of each are different. So before purchasing, be sure to confirm what type of sauce you want to fill.
  2. Manufacturer’s comparison. When you buy a filling machine, it is usually determined from the perspective of cost performance. Because price and quality are closely related. As long as the cost-effective comparison is done, it will be easier to choose the right machine.
  3. Field reference, practical operation. In order to make better purchasing decisions, we recommend going to the manufacturer to actually understand the various functional modules of the filling machine, and take the materials to test to determine whether this filling machine can achieve the filling purpose required by itself.
  4. After-sale maintenance service. Whether the manufacturer provides after-sales maintenance service support cannot be ignored. Because the machine may have problems after long-term use. It is very important to be able to get a timely and effective solution.

Choosing the right machine can bring you better benefits:

  1. Improve production efficiency and ensure safe production.
  2. Conducive to brand promotion. Your products can be branded in a unique way according to your requirements. Customize the machine specifically for your packaging.
  3. Save labor cost. Replacing labor by machines can effectively save labor costs.

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