There are many types of potato chips packaging on market. There are two common types, one is bagged and the other is boxed. but what’s the difference between them?

Bagging chips:

  1. The cost of plastic bag packaging is relatively low;
  2. Filling the bag with nitrogen can keep the chips from breaking;
  3. Nitrogen can reduce the oxidation rate of potato chips and keep them fresh

This type of packaging is usually packaged using a professional potato chip packaging machine. This type of packaging machine generally has the following characteristics:

  1. With automatic alarm function, such as material clamping, door not closed, film deviation, no ribbon and other faults, an alarm will appear.
  2. The linear scale is used for real-time automatic weighing, with high measurement accuracy, fast speed, and convenient adjustment of packaging specifications.
  3. Full computer touch screen control, man-machine interface, simple and convenient operation, convenient product replacement, fault display system, convenient and fast maintenance.
  4. The horizontal seal is driven by a servo motor, so that the operation has no impact, low noise, the opening stroke can be controlled at will, and the sealing pressure can be adjusted arbitrarily. It can be applied to various thicknesses and complex packaging materials.
  5. It can automatically complete roll film bag making, material metering filling, bag sealing, printing date, etc.
potato chips packing machine

Boxed Chips:

  1. The product is neat and beautiful, which helps to improve the sense of quality;
  2. If there is no air leakage, it can withstand long-distance transportation.
  3. The potato chips are stacked and arranged in an orderly manner, and the breakage rate is low.

This packaging method also requires professional equipment to complete, but because the potato chips are fragile and need to be arranged in an orderly manner, the packaging cost is high.

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