There are many types of tomato sauce packaging. Common types are small packets, spout pouch, bottle, and can.

types of tomato sauce packaging
  • Small packet

The advantage of this packaging method is that it is small in size, easy to carry, and suitable for single use. The packaging process is completed by a special vertical packaging machine.

  • Spout pouch

The spout pouch is a relatively new form of packaging, and its biggest advantage is portability. The spout pouch can be easily put into a backpack or even a pocket, and it can reduce the volume as the content is reduced, making it more convenient to carry. It has advantages in improving product quality, strengthening shelf visual effects, portability, ease of use, preservation and sealability. The self-supporting nozzle bag is laminated by PET/foil/PET/PE structure, and can also have 2 layers, 3 layers and other materials of other specifications. Depending on the packaged product, an oxygen barrier protective layer can be added as needed to reduce the oxygen permeability and prolong the shelf life of the product. Bags of this type are usually packaged using a premade pouch packing machine.

  • Bottle

Bottles and cans are generally larger in size and are more suitable for home use. And the bottles are less expensive to produce and more affordable. And the bottle can be recycled, which is good for environmental protection.

Can is also a common method of storing tomato sauce. The ketchup is heat-treated before being put into tin cans and vacuumed. No need to add preservatives, rest assured to eat to ensure health, longer shelf life.

The filling machines required for bottling and canning are the same, and one machine can be used for filling different types of bottles and bottles of different capacities. But they require different capping equipment.

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