What does a shrink wrap machine do?

The main function of the shrink wrap machine is to wrap the product with a shrink film, and then heat it, so that the film will shrink and then wrap the product tightly. The shrink film is used to wrap the product. After heating, the shrink film shrink wraps the product to fully display the appearance of the product, improve the display and sales of the product, and increase the sense of beauty and value. It can achieve sealing, moisture-proof, pollution-proof, protect items from external impact, and has a certain buffering performance.

The application of shrink wrap machine:

The machine has a wide range of uses and is suitable for many objects, such as the packaging of bottles, boxes, toys, electronic products, stationery, books, hardware tools, daily necessities and other items. It can well seal the bottle mouth or gap, keep the product clean, and appear complete and beautiful in appearance.

The machine can also easily cope with the packaging of some irregular items. It adopts far-infrared direct heating, and its own volume is small and the preheating time is short. In the process of shrink wrapping, it will not cause any impact on the items, and the packaging is tight and compact.

The operation is simple and convenient, as long as the heating time is set, and the automatic button is pressed, the machine will start running. At the same time, the shrink wrapping can be ended regularly, and the intelligent power-off can reduce the waste of resources.

what does a shrink wrap machine do


  1. Advanced technology and components: Relying on years of hard work, years of research, and years of practical production experience, and at the same time introducing excellent technology from Japan, Germany, Italy and other counterparts, absorbing and selecting well-known components, electrical components, and pneumatic components.
  2. Exquisite appearance design: light volume, complementary pulleys, very flexible movement, more convenient installation and debugging.
  3. Economical and durable. Stable performance, reliable quality, high shrinkage efficiency, strong applicability and long life. Cost-effective, economical and durable.
  4. Good shrinkage performance: The electronic speed regulator is used to adjust the speed, and the conveying speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the conveying shrinkage effect is good. Digital display computer intelligent temperature control, small temperature difference, stable and reliable, low noise, long life. Stainless steel heating tube, heating tube with radiator, internal bidirectional thermal circulation of air, uniform and constant heat.

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