What is the purpose of filler machine? It is mainly used in food, beverage or other products. For filling bottles or bags, depending on the characteristics of the product. There are many types of products, including powder, granule, liquid, semi-fluid and other types. Different types of filler machines serve different purposes. The most common are the following:

what is the purpose of filler machine

The auger filling machine fills dry powder and powder mixture by screw, so it is also called “powder filling machine”. It has a hopper shaped like an inverted cone, the mixture can be fixed and placed into the bottle using an agitator controlled auger.

The vibrating filler machine vibrates the granular product into the weighing hopper through vibration, and fills it into the designated container through the feeding signal. This machine delivers the perfect blend of accuracy, speed and versatility. Each weigh hopper is designed to meet the unique needs of accurate weighing.

Liquid filler machines are designed for non-viscous liquid filling. Some materials can be prevented from settling by adding agitators to the hopper. The filling volume can be adjusted at will.

Piston paste filler machines were originally only used to fill creams, gels and lotions with high viscosity paste products. Later, after continuous upgrading, it can also be used to fill liquid products with low viscosity. More powerful functions and wider application range.

Although different types of filling machines have different uses, they are fully functional and can be connected to other types of machines. Such as capping machine, labeling machine, sealing machine, etc. Give full play to the performance of the filling machine.

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