What packaging is used for potato chips? There are two commonly used packaging forms, one is bagged and the other is canned. So which packaging method is better?

First of all, you need to have an understanding of potato chips. Generally, there are two forms of potato chips:

1.Hyperbolic parabolic potato chips. This form of potato chips is stressed because the concave surface of the hyperbolic paraboloid is stressed when under tension, and the convex part can withstand pulling when squeezed. Therefore, the potato chips with hyperbolic paraboloids are not easy to break.

Under normal circumstances, this kind of potato chips that are not easy to break are packed in bags, and nitrogen can be filled in the bag to prevent the chips from breaking during transportation. The packaging of bagged potato chips is generally carried out by a nitrogen-filled potato chips packaging machine.

2.Parabolic potato chips, this form of potato chips is more prone to breakage due to structural reasons.

Usually canned. For canned potato chips, stack the potato chips, put them in a can, and then fill with nitrogen to keep them fresh.

what packaging is used for potato chips

What are the advantages or disadvantages of bagging and canning?

① Bagging


  • The cost of plastic bag packaging is also relatively low.
  • Nitrogen is flushed into the bag to keep the chips from breaking.
  • Nitrogen can reduce the oxidation rate of potato chips and keep them fresh.


  • Chips will be mixed in disorder and appear to be “low level”.
  • The volume is relatively large, which occupies the warehouse position and the shelf space is large.
  • Once the air leaks, the potato chips may be broken and affect the quality.

② Canned


  • The product is neat and beautiful, which helps to improve the sense of quality.
  • It can withstand long-distance transportation without air leakage.
  • Potato chips are stacked and arranged in an orderly manner, with low breakage rate.


  • Due to the use of cans, the cost of paper packaging is relatively high.
  • Some can be filled with nitrogen, but most add desiccant or hygroscopic agent, which is expensive.
  • To sum up, potato chips manufacturers need to choose the packaging form of potato chips according to their own production and sales conditions.

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