What is price of milk powder filling machine in Turkey? This mainly consists of two parts: machine price and transportation price.

price of milk powder filling machine in turkey

Machine Price:

The price of the machine mainly depends on the machine material, performance, quality and other factors.

  1. The cost of R&D, raw materials, etc., determines the price of the machine to a large extent. A product produced by a high-precision equipment is incomparable to cheap equipment, whether it is defective rate or standard. The high-quality packaging machine performs very well in terms of efficiency, standards, deviations, etc.
  2. If the manufacturer attaches importance to quality and service, the cost of the machine will increase. If the company does not pay attention, then the cost of the machine will be very low. But from the perspective of lifetime service, you’d better choose a company with after-sales service.
  3. Customized model. Different customers have different packaging requirements, and one model cannot meet everyone’s packaging requirements. Therefore, for customers with special needs, we need to customize them according to customer needs. But the price of a customized model is higher than the standard model.

Transport Prices:

  1. Shipping to different countries, the freight is different.
  2. Shipping to different ports in Turkey, the price is different.
  3. The charging standards of transportation companies are different in different periods.

There are many factors that affect the price of the milk powder filling machine sold to Turkey, you can contact us at any time to get the latest price.

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  • Shihab

    we are a company based here in Qatar interested in getting you best price for a completer production line for repacking of milk powder skimmed and normal in 25Kg , 50kg bags and sachets as well .inclduding the training of technicans for start up and what the are required .
    do provide also rough case studay

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