What is tea bag packing machine?

The tea bag packing machine is a tool for packaging tea powder or tea leaf in bags through the processes of bag making, metering, filling, sealing, and cutting. It has a wide range of packaging, instead of manual packaging, it has realized packaging automation for large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, improved packaging efficiency, and reduced packaging costs.

What are the types of tea bags?

According to the style of tea bags, they can be divided into: triangle tea bag, round tea bag, dip tea bag, drip tea bag, etc.

types of tea bag

How does tea bag packing machine work?

The working principles of different types of machines are different.

Pyramid tea bag packing machine: Used for granular materials such as tea and flower tea.

Compared with ordinary tea bags, it can shape the image of high-quality tea bags. Brings beauty and high-level sense, and is easier for consumers to accept.

After the hot water is poured into, the tea leaves can be stretched out in the fastest time and retain the original taste of the material, the fragrance is natural, and the tea bag is not damaged, so it can be brewed multiple times. It highlights the toughness of the packaging material and is not easy to tear, and the transparent mesh design makes the flavor of the tea more vivid.

Inner and outer tea bag packing machine: Used for packaging tea and coffee powder.

A vibration plate is installed on the upper side, and an inner bag mechanism and an outer bag mechanism are on the lower side. The inner bag mechanism is used to pack the tea leaves in the vibrating tray. The outer bag mechanism is used to pack the inner bag. In addition, a transportation mechanism is installed between the inner bag packaging mechanism and the outer bag packaging mechanism to realize the integrated packaging of the inner and outer bags. It not only reduces manual workload, but also improves packaging efficiency.

Drip bag packing machine: Used for packaging tea powder and coffee powder

The inner bag is a non-woven bag with hanging ears, which is convenient and hygienic for brewing. The sealing adopts heat sealing or ultrasonic sealing. The inner bag sealing adopts optical fiber tracking and positioning, and the outer bag sealing is controlled by a stepping motor. Stable bag length, photoelectric eye tracking and positioning. The bag length can be freely set by adjusting the parameters through the computer screen, and the bag width needs to be replaced with the corresponding specifications of the bag maker.

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