Automatic Detergent Washing Powder Filling Machine

Full automatic, PLC control, GMP standards, CE certification

This product is used to pack detergent powder into cans, if you want to pack into bags, please contact for a solution.

The washing powder filling machine has a high degree of automation, and the entire line operates in linkage, which meets the requirements of GMP standards. The operator puts the bottle on the bottle unscrambler, the detergent powder filling line automatically unscrews the bottle, the material is automatically lifted, weighed, bottled, positioned and filled, capped, labelled, and printed on the production date. A series of production links are automated without manual participation. According to the needs of the enterprise, it can also be equipped with auxiliary equipment such as weight sorting scales, automatic desiccant packaging, bottle body powder removal devices, inkjet printers, finished product collection workbenches, etc., to further improve production needs.

washing powder filling machine

Application of Detergent Powder Filling Machine:

The detergent powder filling machine can be used for various PE cans, aluminum alloy cans, various specifications and special customized mold bottle types. It is suitable for filling granular products such as detergent powder and disinfection powder.

Features of Washing Powder Filling Machine:

  • The design is beautiful and elegant, and the operation is simple; the touch screen operation control system, the electrical components are all well-known brands, the failure rate is low, and the maintenance cost is small.
  • High degree of intelligence: each stand-alone is an English dialogue control panel. Multiple self-checking and alarming functions, good linkage across the board and smooth operation.
  • High efficiency: easy to operate, easy to adjust, easy to clean, easy to maintain, low operating cost, low maintenance cost.
  • The washing powder filling machine adopts man-machine interface control panel (touch screen), the control system adopts famous brand PLC.

Washing Powder Filling Process:

Manually put the bottles on the turntable unscrambler, and manually pour the washing powder into the vibrating hopper of the Z-type elevator. The elevator lifts and transports the washing powder to the multi-head combination scale for weighing, the conveyor belt first transports the empty bottle to the positioning point and waits for positioning, the multi-head scale is filled into the bottle. After filling, it is transported to the bottle dust removal device for cleaning. Then it is transported to the automatic capping machine for capping, and then transported to the labeling machine for labeling, and finally cartoning.

According to different packaging requirements of washing powder, we can provide different solutions, whether it is bottled, canned or bagged.


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